In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild you can build a relationship with your horses, which then carry you faithful to B to B. Sometimes they also encounter nasty opponents and generally they are simply sweet, hearty and helpful. However, frightening, which can ever contribute to their premature demise when they are near a slope. But if you fire an ice pill at your horse s right at the right moment, you will then save the corridor to the scary horse god.

Zelda Breath of the Wild: Eggs can save horses in front of the safe death

Horses in Zelda Botw: You can tame in Nintendos Open World-Zelda Wild Horse. Beirled to you then with you, can create a really nice relationship. You can not bolt the mounts like in RDR 2, but after all feeding and stroking. Fits well on your horses and you will provide you with good services. You can learn more about the horses here:

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Zelda: Botw – These are the best horses that hardly knows someone

But beware before the crash! If you leave your horse in Zelda Botw on the slope, runs the danger that the animal goes down there. This can be triggered by everything possible, such as attacking opponents or a poorly removed attack of link or – a classic – by bombed bombs. So be careful.

New cool trick discovered: But you are indispensable enough and jumps behind your horse, you can save it completely before case damage. But you have to shoot for the brave horse. Even if it is difficult and we would not normally advise you, a well-placed ice pile can look true wonders at the right moment (and save the life of your horse). If the riding is vertex, it does not take damage.

Just as Redditor Theamazingdraco demonstrates in this video:

How to Find Lord of the Mountain in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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What if it happens? If your horse is still blessing the time, of course, you can still turn to the horse s god Mahlon. Which is very disappointed, because you watch out so badly on your horses, but the animal brings back from the dead. For a corresponding price, is understood. You will find the horse god at Mahlon Source in the Tower of the Sea region.

Do you already know the trick? Do you still play Zelda Botw?