Riot Games has confirmed yesterday that the hot coveted possibility to group with players to group every rank as a fiffer with valorant patch 3.10 finally in the competitive queue of the game. Although the feedback was predominantly positive – Streaming Superstar Imane, Pokimane Any gave a triumphal Let s goooooo on Twitter – there were first concerns. To suppress these and to separate misunderstandings, the Senior Competition Designer Jon, Evrmoar Walker has also emerged on the platform.

The ranking of Valorant now enable players to be in the queue as part of a fifter stack. Now you can with your friends (slow) climb the valorant ranks without having to use the higher ELO players in their group on smart accounts to enter the action. This should help the matchmaker theoretically to find balanced games.

Benita, Benita s Novshadian by Counter Logic Gaming initially responded to the announcement with the hope that five-stacks may only sit with other five stacks. According to Evrmoar, the system is not so strict, but Benitas desire for five stacks with players ranked 3 and higher was fulfilled.

Another fear that players have expressed is that the five-stacking allows players easier to increase the players. In order to fight players with a higher ELO that abuses the system to earn fast money, Evrmoar says that the reduction of ranking for stacks, including Diamond 3+ players, extremely hard is. This should hopefully make the five-stack boost impossible.

5 stack with every, every rank. If you are not in a 5 stack, the normal rules apply to rankings. Planned for 3.1

Listening of some misinformation that are distributed:
You can not stack 3 in Diamond3 +
The RR reductions are for Diamond3 + extremely hard
Diamond3 + only plays against 5 stacks

  • Evrmoar (@riotvrmoar) 2 . November 2021

In addition to changing the fifter stack, Riot has the opportunity to play on a whole line as a four-pile. This should be a familiar system for those who also play Flex Queue by League of Legends. This effectively means that players can now only be as a solos, duos, trios (if under diamond 3) and five stacks.

With such a big change that holds in the popular competitive FPS game, Evrmoar explains that the team will be monitored on exploits and how they are recorded and is available to you as needed to make changes.