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They called him Dirk Valanciunas can rain

Reacting to Jonas Valanciunas' 39-point performance ???????? | SportsNation

The Big Man proved the Pelicans against the clippers that he also has a very fine knife. The 29-Järhigige let it rains threesome, the first seven attempts from Downtown found all the way through the Reuse, only the eighth attempt went wrong. In the end, Valencias had 39 points (15 out of 25 from the field), which was his career repair, and 15 rebounds in the punch score stand.

The boys called him Dirk Valencias, Willie Green, coach of Pelicans, said after winning the L.a. Clippers. What an honor for the man from Lithuania. Clearly they meant the German legend Dirk Nowitzki, who played from 1999 to 2019 for Dallas Mavericks and crowned his big career with the NBA title 2011.

These footsteps were Valencias then but a bit too big. I’m still Jonas Valencias, said the 29-year-old and smiled, Everyone wants to be like Dirk. He is one of the biggest big boys in our sport. But I have to work a lot to be like him.

Rainbow Six Extraction does not want delays The Ubisoft game is already Gold and prepares its launch

If you have been the usual players of Rainbow Six: Siege, you will remember the event ‘outbreak’, which was transferred to an area full of infected that we had to face using several selected operators of the campus. That inclusion had a very good reception by the players, and for that reason Ubisoft decided to create a new game around it.

Finally, it will arrive under the name Rainbow Six Extraction, and its Ubisoft Montreal developers have completed the production of the title. As you have shared in the official Twitter account of the project, the game is already GOLD, which means that the development is over and starts at the distribution phase.

We are very proud to share that Rainbow Six Extraction is already Gold! See you in the containment area on January 20, 2022, praises the toot, accompanied by a small video with the title logo, which will come to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Google Stadia.

This means that delays are not expected for the game. Although stranger things have been seen in the industry, entering Gold is usually synonymous with being able to wait for the fixed launch, which on this occasion is marked for the day January 20 of next year. The title will be at a reduced price and, as it is usual in the Ubisoft games, it will include again new unlockable content, with cosmetics and game modes that will change the rules.

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Overview of the week Margon Metin2 The Hunter

An overview prepared specifically for those users who do not visit us regularly, and who could miss some important event in the last week. You will find here a list of all prime minister, tests, updates, new classes, servers and other new products, which we witnessed between Monday and Sunday.

Monday (November 22):

Elysium Lost — a new mobile November has started

Aura Kingdom — A lot of news

Tuesday (November 23):

Silk road — new patches

Arena of Kings — Subscriptions for testing

Eudemons Online in 2021

Mellor Idle — Prime Minister Games on Steam

Raven dawn — start another alpha

World of Warcraft — Birthday game

Wednesday (November 24):

Mortal Online 2 — Start Early Access

Eu demons Online — New European server

Conan Exiles — Debut on EGS

Albion Online — Great Appendix, Better Graphics

Marooned — November update, game problems

Element Quest — Prime Minister of the new November 2D

Thursday (November 25):

Rohan M — End of the game

World War 3 — started closed beta

The Hunter: Call of the Wild — free copies

Friday (November 26):

MMO games promotions on the occasion of Czerny Friday

A.v.a — beta started

Noah’s Heart — Registration for Game

Saturday (27 November):

Retro Three Kingdoms — New MMO game on Steam

Metin2 — new special servers were opened

LA Tale — Remastered version, preliminary registration

Sunday (November 28):

Kohfeldts Exception in the case Philipp

The 2021– 22 2. Bundesliga is the 48th season of the 2. Bundesliga. It started on 23 July 2021 and also will certainly end on 15 May 2022. The components were announced on 25 June 2021.

Actually, Florian Krefeld, when it comes to praise or criticism, is not happy about individual players. The new coach of the VFL Wolfsburg emphasizes in his first weeks at the Lower Saxony again and again we.

After 2: 2 in Bielefeld last weekend, however, the 39-year-old made an exception. He was a special concern to pronounce a Maximilian Philipp an extra. He had come into the game for the second half, showed his best performance this season (game note 2.5), prepared the compensation by Lukas Mecca. I want to highlight him, said Krefeld, because he gave us a balance in the game. That was very happy for him.

I want to highlight him because he gave us a balance in the game. That was very happy for him.

Florian Krefeld

Philipp namely had no such a happy start under the new coach. In the first 45 minutes at the Krefeld debut in Leverkusen (2: 0) he was still on the field, then no more. That made, as so often in his career, something with the sensitive footballer.

Philipp, the lack of self-confidence and thoughts to the career end

The problem, which Philip carries through his career, with which he deals openly. He lacks the self-confidence, admits the 27-year-old. That’s my problem for years, I’m trying to work. More, sometimes less successful. During his time at Dynamo Moscow 2019/20 he even thought of stopping, at the end of the career with mid-twenty. Friends and the family stopped him. His change to Wolfsburg became a way out and a new beginning.

But even at VFL, everything is running around. He had recommended himself during the lending last year, the Lower Saxony commits the offensive midfielder in summer. However, Philipp first did not come up in this game, the low operating time is putting on him. That’s what the Psyche is doing, he recognized the years ago at Borussia Dortmund, you lack confidence, you’re talking about the quality.

Work on body and head

Doubts and disappointment then outweigh in such a phase. That’s football, he said lastly about his residential role. We led talks — I hope that will change soon. In Bielefeld, he once again made a beginning, today Tuesday (21 clocks, live! At game) in the Champions League at FC Seville, he could even return to the starting eleven. Philipp tries everything works on the head and on the body. He strives to score confidence. I am a positive person and believe in me.

Werder Bremen: Hoffenheim-Wechsel? So reagiert Florian Kohfeldt auf das Gerücht
This faith must also win Krefeld sustainably. The coach emphasizes that not everything in stone has long been carved after his first games at the VFL. I hold him for a very good room player, he says about Philipp, he has the skills to create the special moment on the square.

In parallel, Philipp has to increase its intensity, especially in the oppressive. And as he knows himself: Just be a self-confident.

Zimmermann and Seven Two Corona

Brasil tem 20.856.060 casos confirmados e 582.670 mortes por coronavírus

Both players are inoculated twice and now have to go into a 14-day quarantine. Previously, the next-back Jamil Sievert and goalkeeper Florian Kastenmeier had already been tested positively this week. In addition, midfielder Thomas Pled had to go into domestic isolation as a close contact person. The Fortuna had lost on Friday with 0: 1 against Dagenham, Zimmermann played. Midfielder Seven was not in the squad. On Friday Düsseldorf is demanded at top team Darmstadt 98 (2: 1 in AUE).

Eve Online at the beginning of the year will give up DirectX 9

Eve Online is old. Really, it’s a lot of production that would be useful a powerful graphic update. It is known that no one in this title does not play because of visual attractions. However, it can be seen after him that the time did not go out with him (so that nobody would not understand me badly — Eve online has actually passed a large graphic change, but deserves more). CCP now informs about the resignation from DirectX 9 support, so who knows — maybe something is actually something?

Eve Online officially completes support for DirectX 9 exactly January 11, 2022. So if there are players using such an old equipment, they will have to update it. This MMO will only serve DirectX 11 after this time.

CCP explains the decision to pay what company is charged by supporting such old equipment. It also points out that the Eve Online can not develop, and also can not move graphic luminaires. If, however, less than 1% of players are still using DirectX 9, the creators have decided to resign from it.

Eve Online - Are Research Agents worth the grind? - 8 Years of of R&D is how much ISK??

From November 30, the customer Eve online will be forced from the player using DirectX 11, if only their equipment allows it. Manual passing on DirectX 9, when this is not forced (you have the right equipment for DX11) is not recommended. CCP also indicates that the whole refers to PC players, Mac holders use metal and not DirectX.

I wonder when we will see a graphic update Eve Online and how it will look like. Maybe for these fantastic promotional pictures? 🙂

Ginczek s cabin quality

There were only a few minutes ago, torn Daniel Since has nothing more on the grass of the Studio Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan. The disappointment over the 0: 2 in Seville certainly oversee the Joker, for which the game was nevertheless something very special. At the age of 30, the striker celebrated its premiere in the Champions League. A game in the statistics, which maybe one day as a little compensation can be viewed for the many months in the rehab, which he had to deal with in his current career. Now Since is largely fit — but he only plays a subordinate role.

The few minutes in Spain meant the third seasonal use for the attacker who had previously been replaced only in the league twice and there may be a thesis time of 13 minutes this year. From the aim of finally completing 34 seasonal games, he is located in spite of physical integrity in his last Wolfsburg contract year miles away. Nevertheless, new coach Florian Krefeld, who is endeavored, builds no one of his players in the squad left, on Since. Although hardly permanently on the lawn.

Krefeld about Winters special quality

I had a good conversation with Ginny, says the coach. About what I expect, as I see his role in the team. And the Sniper still has a special quality. He can give a lot of the team with his experience, including in the cabin, says Krefeld. He is an important contact in the cabin in the cabin. Since’s word has weight. I appreciate his opinion and feel that we have found a very good way together.

Since’s sporty path is rather rarely on the lawn. The competition in the offensive is huge, in January should be a further striker with Bartosz Bible (according to Crossbandriss). Nevertheless, Employer Krefeld does not want to write him: Especially in situations where we are very close to the opposing box, he still has an incredible graduation quality. He is there for me there is an option. Maybe also on Saturday (15.30, live! At Estadio) against Borussia Dortmund, for which Since made his first steps in the professional sector from 2007 to 2011.

Daniel Ginczek | Goals, Skills and Assists | The Comeback | 14/15 [HD]

Where the step leads in the summer, however, is still unknown. A future in Wolfsburg is considered excluded, although Marcel Schaefer still remains restrained. There is no stand there.

Schalding Heining moved to Eltersdorf on February

SC Eltersdorf kommt stark aus der Corona-Zwangspause - Heimstetten in der Ergebniskrise
The laying had become necessary due to various corona suspected cases at SV Schalding-Heining. This shared tables 16. On Friday with. After approval of the SC Beiersdorf and the Bavarian Football Association, the game of the 24th match day is relocated to the coming year. New appointment is Saturday, 19 February 2022, 2 pm. Regionally Bayern, 24th match day The away game of SV Schalding-Heining at CFB Reichstag on Saturday, December 4, should take place as planned. It would be the last game for the club from Nassau in this calendar year. Beiersdorf has to complete a decent program before the winter break due to some catch-up games. Five games are between 30 November and 18th of December.

Pok mon Diamond Perl That s how your easier comes to Legendary s and Starter

The switch remakes of diamond and Perl are there and thus for many players inside again the motto: Do ​​you all! Since this is a very difficult undertaking and there are many legendary, starter and edition exclusive Pokémon, swap one of the most important elements for Pokémon trainers.

But even with friends it can be difficult to complete the own Pokédex. Therefore, fans now help you with certain room numbers that should help you with the online exchange via the Annex Club.

Coveted Pokémon just received by exchange

The whole thing became known about the YouTuber Austin John, who released a list of the community. In this clear shows how you get which Pokémon gets:

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What are exchange codes? In Pokémon radiant diamond and luminous pearl you can unlock a new function after the first order in the Annex Club. With this it is possible to meet other trainers via online connection and swap them in a room with them and to compete against them.

Instead of simply come to a random space, you can also enter codes. Exactly this feature makes the community used to provide spaces specifically for a type of exchange.

Which Pokémon are exchanged? The codes are there that you can get start to all the starters, Legendary’s and exclusive Pokémon of the individual editions. The codes always consist of the National numbers of the Pokémon. At the first place the Pokémon, which you have and on the second the monster you want. For example, to exchange a Linda against a chest, you have to be in the room 0393-0387.

The complete listing can be found in the video above.

Caution : Since this is still only an offer of strangers, you should still be aware of the danger that someone does not give you the Pokémon you want to have exchanged your Pokémon again. So only uses the room codes if you are aware of the potential fraud.

Whether the games could be something for you, you read in our test :

44 1

more on the subject

Pokémon Diamond / Perl for Switch in Test: Loving Remake of a Fantastic Generation

More news about the Switch Remakes of Diamond and Perl can be found on Gamer:

Pokémon Diamond / Perl: Even the starter Pokémon and Legendary’s can be Shiny
Pokémon Diamond / Perl Lets you all Singh starters in a score
Pokémon Diamond / Perl on Metacritic: A beautiful trip to the past

How to get ALL STARTER POKEMON in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Pokemon Shining Pearl!
The switch remakes are not quite error free. So there is currently a glitch, with which you can get early in bright diamond and luminous pearl the legendary shay min. If you want to have the sweet hedgehog now, you have to follow this relatively complex glitch.

Is there a Pokémon that must not be missing in your team?

Finest Black Friday Deals Readily Available On Thanksgiving

Original text too short.

Black Friday weekend is finally here, as well as that suggests massive financial savings on gaming, technology, as well as home entertainment products are available at major merchants. We’ve rounded up all of our Black Friday insurance coverage in one place. From tales devoted to significant retailers like Amazon.com and Walmart to platform-specific summaries for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox, opportunities are we have actually spotted some offers you would certainly want to grab this weekend.

Black Friday 2021 sales

All significant stores are using on-line Black Friday deals today, consisting of Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon.com, GameStop, as well as Target. If you like to download your games, digital storefronts have likewise begun Black Friday sales.

Best Buy Black Friday deals
GameStop Black Friday deals
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Amazon Black Friday deals
Target Black Friday deals
PlayStation Store Black Friday deals
Xbox Store Black Friday deals
Samsung Store Black Friday deals
Obsessed Black Friday deals
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Legendary Games Store Black Friday deals
Eco-friendly Guy Gaming Black Friday deals
Switch over shop Black Friday deals
Steam Fall Sale deals

Black Friday 2021 gaming deals

If you’re looking for bargains for Nintendo Switch over, PlayStation, or Xbox, we have numerous roundups highlighting the most effective deals for every system.

Nintendo Change

There are lots of fantastic Nintendo Switch over deals now, including first-party exclusives for as low as $27 and a Nintendo Switch vacation bundle that comes with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and three months of Switch over On-line.

Best Black Friday Switch deals
The Finest Black Friday Switch video game offers
Nintendo Change vacation package


If you possess a PS5, it’s a blast to save money on several of the finest exclusives, consisting of Ratchet & Clank: Break Apart, Death loop, as well as Devil’s Spirits. There are lots of third-party video game deals for both PS5 and PS4 also. Those who are still seeking a PS5 should bookmark our PS5 restock tracker.

Best Black Friday PlayStation deals
PS5 restock tracker
Best Black Friday PS Plus bargains
Ideal Black Friday PSN video game bargains


Xbox Series X’S as well as Xbox One owners can save big on Game Pass Ultimate memberships today ($25 for 3 months). A number of prominent third-party video games that released this year are also for sale, including Guardians of the Galaxy, Far Cry 6, as well as Resident Evil Village. If you’re still seeking an Xbox Collection X|S, we’re tracking Xbox restocks throughout Black Friday week.

Best Black Friday Xbox deals
Xbox Collection X|S restocking tracker
Best Black Friday Xbox Video game Pass bargains

Top 10 Costco Black Friday Deals 2021
Best Black Friday Xbox Shop game offers

More Black Friday video gaming deals.

Ideal Black Friday game deals.
Ideal Black Friday video game offers under $20.
Ideal Black Friday virtual reality bargains.
Best Black Friday PC gaming laptop deals.
Ideal Black Friday video gaming monitor deals.

The Finest Black Friday PC gaming chair bargains.

The Finest Black Friday tech bargains.

Of course, Black Friday has actually brought much more than just PC gaming offers. You can save huge on 4K TVs, laptops, AirPods, and plenty a lot more.

The Finest Black Friday 4K television offers.
Best Black Friday speaker as well as soundbar deals.
Best Black Friday AirPods offers.
Best Black Friday SSD deals.
Ideal Black Friday streaming tool deals.
The Finest Black Friday cam bargains.

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