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You want to buy a 2021 switch, but you asks whether you switch model, the newly announced Switch OLED or should rather buy the smaller Lite model the familiar Nintendo yet? At first glance, is the not an easy decision. We will help you on the jumps and face the consoles. We also ask you to switch OLED and SwitchLite advantages and disadvantages in more detail before.

Table of contents:

Nintendo Switch Switch vs. OLED
What the package includes the switch OLED
When will the switch OLED
The benefits of OLED Switch
The disadvantages of the switch OLED
For whom is the switch OLED worth
Nintendo Switch vs. SwitchLite
As for the packing of SwitchLite contains
The benefits of SwitchLite
The biggest drawbacks of SwitchLite
For whom is the SwitchLite worth

Last update on October 13, 2021 : We have updated the article with new knowledge for Nintendo Switch OLED.

The OLED variant comes standard with a protective film. This is directly mounted on the console and Nintendo warns specifically against removing them. but other protective films can also be glued, so that the main foil is not damaged.

Also in the dock there is a hidden change. Because this is a new HDMI standard, whereby the dock theoretically capable is a 4K resolution and HDR represent.

Nintendo Nintendo switch to switch OLED

What s in the package of the switch OLED

The Nintendo Switch OLED comes with all that you also get the normal switch. In addition to the console with a Joy-Con pair, you get even the new docking station, an HDMI cable and the battery cable. More information can be found on the website of Nintendo.

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When will the switch OLED?

Nintendo has also announced by announcing when the new switch appears. Accordingly, the release date is the new model at 8 . October 2021.

Meanwhile, the new console can also be pre-ordered. All information to be found here:

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The benefits of OLED Switch

OLED screen for better gaming experience

The main argument for the new Nintendo Switch is the screen. This uses instead of LCD an OLED panel. This is to the colors of the games more intense and contrasts be higher. The screen is 7 inches and again slightly larger than the normal model.

New stand

The previous stand of Nintendo switch is not very practical. He is far too thin and unbalanced, so it works really safe only in a few situations. With the Nintendo Switch OLED is different now.

The stand is placed clearly broader and centered on the console. In addition, the footprint is larger than the normal model. The stand can be adjusted in several positions, can be determined so that the viewing angle.

New Speaker

If you play a lot in handheld or table mode, the audio experience has been improved for you. The new built-in speakers will allow for better sound quality.

More internal memory

You have always had problems with your memory? On the Nintendo OLED switch the internal memory of 32 GB is doubled to 64 GB. You can expand to 2 TB also the place via MicroSD cards up as the old model.

Revised Nintendo Switch Dock

The docking station of the Nintendo Switch OLED has been slightly revised. It is a little flatter and the edges are rounded. The ports USB 3.0 slot was canceled and for a built-in LAN jack happen. Technically the station but is otherwise exactly the same. This means it can be used for both models without problems.

The major drawbacks of OLED Switch

No technical upgrade

Even when the screen is new, there are no technical improvements in the new Nintendo Switch OLED. In rumors was long suspected that the next model will offer a 4K resolution and better performance in games.

but now is known that this is not like that. The Nintendo Switch OLED will represent all of the games as well as on all other models. All the improvements are limited to the handheld and desktop mode. nothing has been improved on the display of games on the TV.

No new Joy-Con

The Nintendo Switch OLED could have the chance to Joy-Con models offer finally new. But even in these nothing changes, which is why the enormous drift will still be a problem.

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Nintendo Switch OLED is slightly more expensive

Although the improvements are rather minor nature, the price will be higher for the new model. The new Nintendo Switch OLED will cost between 350 to 400 euros – a price for Germany has not yet been confirmed. In general, there is the normal switch from 300 to 320 Euros.

Conclusion – For whom is the switch OLED worth, for whom it is worth the normal switch?

Who has no current Nintendo switch and also wants to play on TV, who was still a few months until Nintendo Switch OLED wait. There is only additional benefits for the handheld and desktop mode, the do not you should abandon despite the smaller cost.

Actually, there is access to the normal switch no longer grounds with the release of the new model. It could be, however, soon that the price temporarily falls sharply, especially when used market. If you can do without the improvements, then you are doing well with the old switch model wrong.

An upgrade from the normal switch on the switch OLED not currently worth. For this, the changes are minimal and relate only to certain game modes. Even if you play mainly or exclusively in handheld or table mode, you can save the extra cost to you.

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Nintendo switch to Nintendo SwitchLite

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What s in the package of the SwitchLite

Since the switch Lite is not compatible with the docking station, it is supplied with either dock or with HDMI cable. In the package the console is like the battery cable. Even more information can be found on the official Nintendo website.

What games are there?

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The benefits of SwitchLite

Switch Lite is cheaper

With currently 299 to 329 Euro the standard switch around a third more expensive than the Lite device. This should in turn 229 EUR cost.

Better battery than the old switch

With three to seven hours of battery holds Lite version a little longer than the battery of standard switch (2.5 to 6 hours).

The newer model of the standard switch, however ( HAC-001 ) comes with a battery life of 4.5 and 9 hours and has here again in the lead.

Considering also that the battery life of each game differently fails, of course.


The new handheld has a design change that want a lot of fans for the normal Nintendo Switch: a real analog cross.

Better for retro games: Where to find four single direction buttons in the conventional Joy-Con, the Switch Lite has a full D-Pad. The latter is clearly more suitable in the eyes of many fans for 2D titles and retro games.

The major drawbacks of SwitchLite

Not all games compatible

To play games, handheld compatible are not, additional via wireless connection Joy-Con to be connected. want to buy should you a game in the eShop, which is not compatible, you will receive the warning.

All non-compatible games can be found here in the list.

No play on TV

This results in disadvantage Number two: The Lite version can only be used in handheld mode and is not supported by the docking station, ergo can you not with the small device to a television to play. A comfortable couch co-op game with friends on large TV herewith is therefore not possible.

The SwitchLite is thus basically a switch without switch.

No removable Joy-Con

Moreover, the control units are fixedly mounted on the housing. On removable Joy-Con and features like the HD rumble feature and motion controls (motion control) you must therefore refrain here.

Tabletop mode to a surcharge

After all, you can switch the Lite in tabletop mode use. but you have to separate into their pockets. Because the SwitchLite namely lack a kickstand, you have a special SwitchLite stand acquire and separately.

Furthermore, additional via wireless connection Joy-Con to be connected. And you have to, including, where appropriate chargers sold separately as well.

To play in tabletop mode, you need a summary following hardware:

Nintendo SwitchLite stand
Separate Joy-Con pair
Charging possibilities for Joy-Con: About a charging station

Conclusion – For whom is the SwitchLite worth, for whom it is worth the normal switch?

Whoever has no switch and does not necessarily want to play on TV, for which the Lite variant should prove attractive. After all, the device is not only cheaper than the standard model, but also more compact and lighter. Just a pure handheld model that leaves itself entirely on the portable factor of the switch.

On the other hand, if you already own the standard model, then the Lite variant is likely to be worthwhile for you. After all, you would then have to open 229 euros for a second device, which brings only minor advantages. More information about the console is in our hardware check to switch Lite.

On the other hand, a normal switch is worthwhile if you want to gamble not only in handheld mode, but also on the TV. For example, to enjoy games in higher resolution on a larger screen. Or if you want to play titles with friends like Mario Kart 8 in the Couch Koop.

The big switch feels more valid than the toy switching switch-lite. Thanks to removable joy-cons, you can also use the motion control, which is indispensable for some games such as Super Mario Party and 1-2-Switch.

As mentioned earlier, you have to put more than 100 euros on the table for the conventional model – but also gets a console with more options.

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For what a switch model you have decided?