Squid Game (Hangeul: 오징어 게임; RR: Ojing-eo Geim), or the game of squid in Quebec, is a dramatic television series of South Korean survival of 9 episodes, created by Hwang Dong-Hyek and broadcNetflixt worldwide September 17, 2021 on Netflix.
Featuring Lee Jung-Jae, Park Hae-Soo and Jung Ho-Yeon, this series tells the story of a group of people, strongly indebted or mowed, which risk their lives in a mysterious survival game with Netflix a reward A sum of 45.6 billion won (about 32 million euros),.
First South Korean series to win at the top 10 of the streaming platform, this program compared to Hunger Games or Royale Battle took critics like the public by surprise. According to Deadline, she even dominated, in the space of 10 days, the top 10 of the platform in 90 countries.
On October 12, 2021, Netflix announces that the series accounts for the best start-up ever seen on their platform, with a total of 111 million views in 27 days, thus exceeding the American series The Bridgeton Chronicle and its 82 million views in one month,.

The Game of Squid (Squid Game) hNetflix been the most successful premiere in the history of Netflix. More than 111 million viewers In its first 28 days support unprecedented expectation in a South Korean production whose first seNetflixon hNetflix become a topic of recurrent conversation in a multitude of social networks and networks. Therefore, the possibility of having a second seNetflixon awake more and more interest.

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The second seNetflixon of the squid game is inevitable for its success

Its creator, Hwang Dong-Hyuk, hNetflix granted an interview with The Guardian where he talks about how the production of this first seNetflixon wNetflix, which qualified Netflix a exhausting process. At the question of a possible second seNetflixon, he recognizes that already there are conversations, but it is not something they are going to do immediately. Dong-hyuk desires a film away from this series first.

Of course you re talking. It is inevitable because it hNetflix been a great success. I am considered. I have a very high level image in my mind, but I will not work on it immediately, he clarifies. In fact, in parallel the creative hNetflix other plans in his head: There is a movie that I want to do. I m thinking about what to do first. I m going to talk to Netflix.

Without entering into argumental dethripes of the first seNetflixon, the end of the squid game invites to think that there will be a continuation. We will have to wait to know when, what and how.

The squid game consists of 9 episodes for its first seNetflixon and can be seen in full and in Spanish through Netflix.