Hironobu Sakaguchi created the first part of Final Fantasy in 1987, the most successful role-playing game series from Japan. Now he revealed about Twitter that he is particularly looking for a very specific part: the MMORPGFinal Fantasy XIV.

What the Creator has revealed about his experiences? In a series of tweets, Sakaguchi reports from his adventures in Final Fantasy XIV. He has started only in September 2021 and has been investing a lot of time in the MMORPG.

In almost two months he managed to play the basic game and the first two extensions Heavensward and StormBlood. In addition, he emphasized in a tweet that he none of the many Cutscenes outsourced. This makes its progress much more impressive.

According to his own statement, he has already played many hours, because the MMORPG is the kind of game where he sleeps out to cycle (Via Twitter).

His experiences are especially interesting for fans of the RPG series right, because again and again he draws comparisons to other parts of Final Fantasy.

Who is Hironobu Sakaguchi? Sakaguchi was born on 25 November 1962 and appointed Director of Planning and Development at Square Enix in 1986. Only a year later, Square Enix was standing before the bankruptcy and you put all hopes in the Final Fantasy project developed by Sakaguchi. Even the first part became a success and now there are 16 official parts and some spin-offs.

Nostalgic looks back to previous parts of Final Fantasy

What does Sakaguchi? The Creator of Final Fantasy tweetes again and again pictures of FFXIV and then draws the comparison to other parts.

Thus, when reaching the crystal tower raid in FFXIV, he experiences a nostalgic moment, which reminds him of Final Fantasy III: A crystal tower full of nostalgia. From them, this was the best for some reason. Maybe it s because I remember the illustrations of Mr. Amano .

He also has done with Yasumi Matsuno, a former developer of Square Enix, dungeons and shared his achievements in a tweet.

He should also have explained the most important functions and configurations of the game in a zoom meeting (via Twitter).

Final Fantasy XIV enjoys 2021 great popularity

How is it FFXIV straight? Currently, in the MMORPG, all on the release of the new extension of endwalkers prepare. The appears in November and will bring many new content for Final Fantasy XIV.

In general, the game is currently very popular, after many former WoW streamers and players are changing to Final Fantasy in the summer. Wow, on the other hand, fights with content drought and generally too few innovations since the release of Shadowlands.

If you think about it, start with Final Fantasy XIV, then a good time is now. The basic game and the first extension can even be experienced free of charge. More about it and the question of whether the MMORPG suits you, you will learn here:

Is it worth 2021 still to enter Final Fantasy XIV?