Many titles seek the support of the people at Kickstarter , and one who has just started his campaign on this site, is Dark such from Mexico . This title, as its name suggests, is a horror game inspired by numerous Mexican legends, such as the weeping and the black charro.

The campaign will end on October 31. The title is episodic, similar to games such as Life is Strange, and the first part of ten short games, is what is currently looking for support in Kickstarter. Each title spectrum was designed with real sculptures plasticine, which were then scanned in 3D to charge life in the game.

It s an amnesia made by hand mixed with the cat of Alicia, seasoned with the face of the spectra of Mexican legends of terror, so read the Official Description of the game at its site in Kickstarter.

The prelude of Dark such from Mexico is titled Just a Dream … with the sack man . We will control Alma, a young woman in search of her grandmother. In the middle of a nightmare, the grandmother will give us a key, and a black cat will begin to speak to us. We will have to find a dagger in the middle of a labyrinth that changes every time we visited, where the man of the costal inhabits.

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The campaign in Kickstarter will end the October 31 , and those who decide to support the title will receive some exclusive gifts. If you want to know more about this project, do not hesitate to visit your official site.