Although the premise is not always fulfilled with which the skills were introduced in Valorant, the truth is that Riot has not finished too desemblying with his approach to let the weapons be the protagonists. However, that has not been prevented from the developer to give the agents some extraordinarily interesting spells with which we can get outstanding plays. The options are almost infinite, and Riot Games itself has confirmed that sometimes it is surprised by seeing some members of the community.

The most creative use of the Sage Wall

One of the last episodes of this creativity expenditure has led him a player who has not hesitated to share with the world one of the most fun and creative uses of Sage wall. This ability, usually used to block vision or reach inaccessible map points in any other way, you can also change the location of the objectives, and that is exactly what you did taking into account how predictable the pump planted on the map of ICEBOX .

As we can see in the video, the player is situated from the side in which he is protected by the box making the rival who tried to place the pump be reached by the wall and looks surprised with an ascent that did not expect at all. Without almost time of reaction or to understand what had happened, he ends up falling victim of one of the most funny uses we have seen from an ability throughout this year of Valorant.

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Although the play corresponds to a few patch back, it is still replicable in the games, so that you can surprise enemies that are behind the famous B box with this strategy. Now it is still more likely to achieve it, since recently that the Valorant Development Team introduced adjustments to that specific point to do it somewhat safer.