Informnite are the tasks and associated fornitemares items now ready to earn. As you get her and what jumps out for you, you will learn here at Meinmmo.

What are this for items? These items from the Halloween event are free and can be obtained after completing certain tasks. This is a wide mix of different items, such as a pickaxe, a back Bling or even a glider.

These are all items and their associated tasks

As you see, you will receive an item from almost every category. Whether it s a back accessory or a glider, Epic Games has thought of everything.

These are the tasks:

Hanging ladder Dice Swing – Finish Dark Jonesys The Oracle Speaks Stamping Card
Spray motif Rabes Curse – Complete a fornitemares quest
Charging screen Showdown at midnight – Complete two fornitemares quests
Condenstrip Chain Rattles – Complete three fornitemares quests
Pickaxe All-weather extractor (dark) – Close Ariana Grandes Monster Hunter Stamp Card
Back Accessory Brain s Juice – Earn 2,000,000 Teams in Hordeneansturm mode
Banner cube queen – Close 20 Hordenansturm Quests
Spray motif Kreisch-Crashing – Earn a team number of at least 400,000 in the Hordenansturm mode
Back accessory Ghosts forbidden – Complete the stamp card from the Arrest Specialist

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There is something else to earn? Also await you a lot of EP. If you have subscribed to the Fortnite Crew subscription, you will also receive access to a bright variant of the pickaxe all-weather extractor after completing the Ariana Grande stamp card.

How do you find the items that Epic Games has prepared this time? Do you find these items cool or were your opinion in the last year better items? Let us know!