Even in the professional teams of League of Legends somewhat questionable decisions are made regarding the selection of champions. The personal tastes of the players, the ideas of the players themselves or an erroneous reading of the metajame is enough to see how some characters are of a priori importance much higher than the statistic. There are proven cases throughout the history of the competitive, but the circumstance is repeated in each competition.

The overvalued champions of the Worlds 2021

In the case of the recent world championship there are two great candidates to be the most overvalued champions. Characters who have had a very high presence throughout the competition and that they have not justified it with victories or being decisive. It is true that in competitive it is more difficult to get these conclusions taking care of the differences in the level of the teams, but we talk about cases quite flagrant in which it is difficult to argue against.

The first of the characters of League of Legends who has been given greater importance than he has in the World Cup is Xin Zhao . It is the most obvious case of all. Selected or banned in 66% of the items, it has only been able to earn 35% of the items disputed throughout the main event. The situation was not better in play-in either. In this first phase the presence of it was even greater (76%) and the worst victory rate (33%).

The second of the champions that could enter this ignominious classification of the competitive of League of Legends is Ryze . The character came to the world after receiving a hard blow in the form of reduction of power by Riot Games. It has the excuse that less games have been played with it, but the victory rate of 36% of it does not justify the presence of 66%. In fact, in the competition there was a particularly interesting game in which Larssen (Rogue) came to accumulate 1,400 ability of skill and more than 6,000 manna with the character, and neither did it come to win .

Questionable decisions that mother would not be very proud of
It will be necessary to see if the teams deny the theory over the next eliminations of the Worlds 2021. There are still several quarterfinals to be disputed and the tournament reaches their decisive moments. Some teams have great Ryze players, as is the case of T1 with Faker, who will continue to be trying to revalidate the title of League of Legends World Champion.