As far as lead characters go – a dead snake is rather special isn t it? Kulebra and the Souls of Limbo looks incredible captivating with terrific visuals. Kulebra as well as the Souls of Limbo is a 3D journey game embeded in Limbo, where you go off and also meet lots of excellent (and not so excellent) people where they re cursed to endure a time-loop of the same day.

It does appear wonderfully strange and it s the visuals that actually order your attention. With brilliantly coloured as well as welcoming 3D rooms, blended with 2D paper-craft styled characters and also settings that advises me a little of Skellboy Refractured. Have a look at their previous trailer below:

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Discover and communicate with the globe to gather hints as well as items that will help you open doors in your quest (figuratively as well as actually).
A video game that will compensate you for connecting with the world, paying interest to information, as well as attaching the dots.
Packed with characters with their very own traits, side stories, and timetables that bring life to this globe in spite of a lot of them being very dead.
An in-game day , sunset , as well as night cycle that will certainly change the globe and also personalities, finishing with the curse that resets the souls of Limbo back to the start.
A note pad will certainly keep an eye on important details for you, so you can t condemn me if you weren t taking note.
Face the dark souls attempting to produce your light; Conquer their obstacles that will certainly evaluate everything you ve found out in this trip.
Bilingual! This game sustains the English and also Spanish languages.
As well as several secrets are concealed away for you to locate! (If you re complete, that is).

The programmers are currently crowdfunding it on Kickstarter, where they wish to obtain $60,000 by November 18. There s a lengthy demo offered to so you can get a genuine feel for what to expect on and Vapor.

Write-up taken from Kulebra.