Resident Evil 4 VR reaches the market tomorrow day October 21 and you can review the Capcom classic in the most immersive way possible, through an adaptation for Oculus Quest 2 by Armature, which besides If adapting it to the new controls for virtual reality, they have done a great job with the textures, resolution, animations, a revised sound and a higher rate of tables per second.

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Facebook has defined changes as an update for the modern audience but the changes have not arrived only in the technical section, Facebook, together with Capcom and Amature, have reviewed the work eliminating some of the parts , Changes that from Facebook have defined as an update for the modern audience . Uploadvr has been able to confirm these changes and have to see mainly with the character of Ashley .

Cinematic scenes and dialogues of the game have been eliminated in the first call with Hannigan, Leon says For some reason I had a little older. The character Luis Sera makes a comment about Ashley s physicist: I see that the president A equipped to her daughter with good missiles, while the camera focuses on Ashley s chest. These scenes and those that have a similar tone have been eliminated from the game , but they have not been the only ones.

Throughout the game, there are different dialogues that are presented when we carry out certain actions, for example, in the original game, if the players pointed below the Skirt of Ashley, he covered his knees and launched reproaches to Leon , these interactions have also been eliminated. Although the game will be put on sale tomorrow, we have been able to see much of its action with the video of more than thirty minutes published by the YouTuber Pocky. In Capcom they are taking very seriously the month of Halloween and have promised not to stop bringing us news about the Saga Resident Evil until the end of the month.