One of the most entertaining and controversial Twitch streamer Dellor now changes to YouTube gaming. He claims angry that Twitch has manipulated him for a whole year, lied and tricked.

Who is Dellor? The 32-year-old Matt dellor Vaughn is former Overwatch professional. He drove his career in 2017 against the wall as he said the N-Word live in the audience. He then tried as a streamer, which initially worked surprisingly well.

He quickly got the Twitch partnership, even faster he lost her. This time from the less critical reason told, a teammate should make him a sandwich. Twitch escaped Dellor and apparently admitted the possibility to recover his affiliate status: That says at least Vaughn himself, because an official statement of Twitch has never existed.

Dellor does not get a partner status back and changes to YouTube

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The promised twitch: The content that streeamer Dellor produces, do not like each: bumps, borderline jokes and often slightly to strong racist behavior. With the no-filter principle Dellor could inspire a lot of fans.

But that also caused his multiple exiles on Twitch and a supposedly final spell last year. Dellor was forced to competition Youtube Gaming, where he could win many old and new fans again.

He herself turned to Twitch and asked for unlocking his account. According to Dellor, the platform agreed surprisingly too – under a condition. Dellor should behave a full year and comply with the guidelines, only then he would recover his partner status.

That dellor also streamed again last year on Twitch instead of YouTube and was probably looking forward to the full Renaissance of his Twitch career. Unfortunately, he was too early.

That s why the final change comes: On Twitter, Dellor now speaks of a word with a round-two-minute video after Twitch has destroyed his hopes for a return.

I know, I have said bad things in the past and have earned a punishment. […] But it s a difference between someone who is punished and becoming anyone who is manipulated, lied and fooled. That happened to me.

Dellor Via Twitter video

Dellor further reports that he has streamed regularly for one year without breaching a single directive of Twitch.

I just streamed a year for Twitch and now turned back to Twitch because of the promise. They told me that this is no longer possible.

Accordingly, Dellor has dedicated his full attention to Youtube and twitch swept his back. His account is still no partner and therefore matt Dellor Vaughn could probably stay permanent streamer at YouTube.

This trend is not new, because recently many Twitch stars change to YouTube, usually even voluntary: the 5 most important gaming streamers who are changing from Twitch to YouTube