El Aeródromo Sierra Grande (IATA: SGV – OACI: SAVS) es un aeropuerto argentino que da servicio a la ciudad de Sierra Grande, Río Negro, Argentina.[1]​[2]​[3]​[4]​

Oberliga Baden-Württemberg

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It has taken a little in this season, but now it is obvious: The SGV Freiberg has found his game. After the 6-0 success on Wednesday evening against the SV Linx, the SGV stands for the first time in this season at the top of the top League Baden-Württemberg.

On the artificial turf night, the SGV had some problems only at the start of the game. With the first right goalkeeping, the homeland then went to Front: After a free kick, sökler was with a deafer to the spot – 1: 0. Now Freiberg was full there, the game dominated, even before the half, Kutlu had a little luck with his spacer shot, that a guest actor was still on the ball and wasted – 2: 0. Did the SV LINX still relatively open the game in passage one due to a concentrated defensive performance, it was after restart a clear affair: Linx could hardly worry about relief, Freiberg now created significantly more opportunities: so increased Ikpide from the climb to 3: 0, only two minutes later, Grettner said after a worth seeing on 4: 0. Hoffmann s header to the 5: 0 and Thermann s faulfmeter to the 6: 0 then half a dozen full.

Azur Velagic (SGV) in the duel with Marius Hauser (Linx). Imago Images / Press photo Baumann

From the guests came after the game praise: What I impress me is that not only tremendous quality but also mentality is in the square , LINX coaches Thomas Leberer accounted for the opponent. In the second half, it was absolutely sovereign from the first to the last minute, Freiberg coach Evangelos Sbonias showed. While the SGV takes over the place on the sun, LINX continues to be just over the stroke – but has still graduated less than most counterparties.