The SC Magdeburg continues to storm loss-free and as a league leader through the Handball Bundesliga. In the top match on Sunday, the SCM with 33:28 (18:13) against the SG Flensburg-Handewitt and struck the sporting crisis of the runner-up. I think the team performance was just incredible today, said Magdeburg s Michael Damgaard, who was with seven hits of the game s best scorer of the game, the TV channel Sky.

The Flensburgers who are more and more losing contact with the top group helped, on the other hand, the four gates of Aaron Mensing and Hampus Tannen did not help. At the moment it is hard for us to deny these away games as in Kiel or Magdeburg because we are not at eye level, said Flensburg s coach Maik Machulla. But I say it clearly again: These claims that we have – that s why everyone signs a contract in Flensburg, because we want to be up – they will retain.

However, the SG can not do justice to these claims, but above all due to significant injury wents. In the initial phase, Machulla s team was still open to the game, but already in the middle of the first half, the host moved further. We have a small squad, we can change little. This can be seen over 60 minutes, we will miss a little for us, said Flensburg s playmaker Jim Gottridsson. Again and again, the North German lightweight ball losses underlying Magdeburg with rapid pieces of objects.

Seven games, seven victories – on Sunday against Kiel

We are unbelievably hard to beat, Damgaard was pleased. Flensburg of course has some injuries today, but still they have very good players. With 14: 0 points, the SCM now leads the table, which makes the team of coach Bennet weighed full of self-confidence in the next top match for the coming Sunday against the THW Kiel. Flensburg (7: 5) On the other hand, it has to say goodbye to his championship ambitions.

7 . Gameday

SC Magdeburg – SG Flensburg-Handewitt 33:28 (18:13)

Tore SC Magdeburg: M. Damgaard 10, Oi Magnusson 8/5, Mertens 4, Hornke 3, Smits 2, Bezjak 1, Jensen 1, GT Kristjansson 1, O.sullivan 1, D. Pettersson 1, pH. Weber 1; SG Flensburg-Handewitt: Svan 6, Golla 5, Godfridsson 4, Larsen 4, Mensing 4, Tub 4/1, Lindskog 1; Referee: Julian Köppl (Darmstadt) / Denis Regner (Nieder-OLM); Viewers: 5000; Criminal minutes: 2/8; Disqualification: \ – /