A new OLED display – and otherwise? At first glance, the new Switch OLED does not like to be too big upgrade to its predecessor. But that this is a crass of misjudgment show the repair experts from IFIXIT. They apart the new Nintendo console and made some interesting discoveries.

The new Nintendo Switch OLED has finally come in the market after a long wait. But not only gamers have fallen to the new Nintendo console, but also iFixit. The repair experts have undergone the Switch OLED their famous-notorious Teardown and completely disassembled into the items. Who had believed that the innovations of the Nintendo Switch OLED relate mainly to the new screen, but mistakes.

Nintendo Switch OLED: New cooling system and improved holding shafts for Joy CONS

Do not let the name lead behind light, warns iFixit. The Switch OLED is more than just a new display. Because next to the new Kickstand Nintendo have also created and neatly rebuilt inside the console. For example, the cooling system was redesigned and also some boards .

The holding shafts for the Joy-CONS were also improved . Result: The removable controllers now wobble much less.

Despite good overall impression, the new Switch OLED will not repair as well as the predecessor. He got on the repairable scale 8 out of 10 points. With a point less, the Nintendo Switch OLED must now be content .

What else you need to know about the Nintendo Switch OLED, we explain in this video :

Dit is de Nintendo Switch OLED!

Nintendo gives tips against Burn-in at the Switch OLED

A worry at the Nintendo Switch OLED are Burn-Ins. This refers to the permanent burning of static images, which occurs mainly with OLED screens. Nintendo has expressed itself a potential problem and given two tips on how owners of the new Switch OLED can at least reduce this risk.