On 8 October 2021 Metroid Dread appeared for the Nintendo Switch and already a week later you can buy the action adventure in Amazon especially cheap. At Amazon, the game currently costs only 47,52 euros including shipping costs. Cheaper gets your Metroid Dread at any other provider at any other provider. How long the deal is valid, we are unknown.

Buy Metroid Dread at Amazon for 47,52 euros

So good is Metroid Dread: For our author Dennis Michel, the game is very successful and therefore got a 85er rating. Accordingly, he comes to the conclusion:

35 years after the start of the 2D saga, Samus shows himself in absolute best form and tied us to the switch for many hours.

Metroid Dread Test

Can Dread Be Your First Metroid Game?
Especially positive, he raises the very chic 2,5d optics, the magnificent soundtrack, the leveldesign, the motivating exploration, the crisp but fair boss fights and the classic metroid feel. In addition, the optics with a Nintendo Switch OLED has a lot better.

Top ratings on Metacritic: Not only in our test Samus could convince. How Metacritic shows with a metascore of 89, other reviews evaluate the game even better. So you definitely do not go wrong with the purchase.

In the bundle with the Switch OLED buy: If you want, Metroid Dread can buy in bundle with the Nintendo Switch OLED for 409.98 euros. Cheaper, however, comes through the offer, however, if you buy both individually. The Switch OLED is currently available at Amazon in white.

Nintendo Switch OLED WHITE + METROID DREAD for 409.98 euros
Nintendo Switch OLED WHITE for 359.99 euros

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