Is it WORTH YOU finishing these Nintendo Switch Games?
Last week, the OLED variant of the Nintendo Switch was published in the trade. In our test we have thrown a detailed look at the new model. As with other devices, an OLED screen always carries the risk of burning when players do not pay attention to some things. We have prepared you a few tips on how to protect your new Nintendo Switch OLED in front of a burn-in problem.

For example, you should not run any games or applications over a longer period of time on your console that have static ads. This can be a score in a sports game or even menus in a strategic title. This helps above all the quiet function of the Nintendo Switch. If you do not play, the device automatically switches to stand-by mode after a short time – depending on the set duration in the settings. Nintendo also advises off this function. So you not only protect the OLED screen, but also your battery.

Even with the brightness of the screens you can reduce the risk of burning a bit. In addition, you should not remove the protective film that Nintendo attached to OLED model. This should be intercepted with a potential break of the screen – small glass splinters. A few days ago, a Youtuber has already undergone the new Nintendo Switch a burn-in test. After a week, there was therefore no burning to the screen. Recently, there were new rumors around a switch successor, which could be the Pro model to which it lasts many supposed leaks.

From Dominik Zwingmann
14.10.2021 at 15:20