The most successful video game series of the world may be before a name change. In a recently published press release, Electronic Arts surprisingly emphasized that a renaming is checked.

With a view of the future, we also check the idea to rename our global EA Sports football matches. This means that we review our agreement on the name rights with FIFA separated from all our other official partnerships and licenses in the world, so the company in the wording.

EA should pay significantly more

A new report of the New York Times provides more details about the deterioration relationship between EA and FIFA. According to the publication, the negotiations on the extension of the license has been running for almost two years, with FIFA calling more than twice the previous license fees, which are already 150 million dollars per year,

Overall, FIFA demands the report more than a billion dollars for a new four-year contract. However, EA is not only because of the money on confrontation, but also because of the scope of the proposed agreement. In the eyes of FIFA, the EA brand is only to be licensed for the development of a particular video game, while EA also wants to use FIFA branding for a broader spectrum of things, including esports.

Market observers are surprised by EAS offensive, including Peter Moore, who held a decade of senior positions at Electronic Arts before leaving the company in 2017. I can not remember that you have ever made a statement that we negotiate an extension of the license, says Moore in a telephone interview. This clearly sends a small signal.

Name no longer necessary?

Electronic Arts is well positioned for a power game. Serious competitors in the field of football video games are not available after the pes debacle , so that the name FIFA is no longer as important as before. It can be assumed that people will play the popular football match of EA even after a name change because there is hardly any other way.

At the same time, the license agreement between FIFA and EA is the largest source of income from the licensor, which makes it unlikely that the partnership of the FIFA is terminated.

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But even for Electronic Arts, money is on the game. Sales of FIFA , which is published each year in an updated edition, has exceeded the trademark of $ 20 billion in the last two decades for the Publisher based in California. And also FIFA 22 , which has recently been launched for consoles and PCs, the cash registers should be sufficiently filling again.

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