Since 1999, Nintendo has lit the characters of its various rows of play in Super Smash Bros. Here are a diaper, while the players are pushing each other in front of the TV and the neighbors get a rappel. For local multiplayer sessions, it can be quite loud. And there is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate certainly no exception.

There were no more characters so far

The beat Em Up Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the now fifth part of the series, which celebrated your debut on the Nintendo 64. On the switch continues the success of the success. The developer Hal Laboratory goes into the full: The name should already make it clear that this smash bros is the ultimate. It is the part with most playable characters. Overall, you are in the fighting game 71 figures to choose from, where some of them are just mirror fighters of other stretches (so they look different, but are exactly the same).

How is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on this proud number? Quite simply: In addition to completely new characters such as the inclination from the shooter Splatoon and Ridley from Metroid are all from the predecessors with the game – without exception. Solid Snake, Cloud from Final Fantasy 7, Sonic, Mega Man and, of course, the whole in-house heroes (and rogues) of Nintendo beat vigorously in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Igood with content

In general, the action game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is very extensive. Over 100 fighting arenas are available to you, each with your own look and playful peculiarities. For even more depth and a large chaos factor, the numerous items that you can use in the fight against your counterparties. And here, too, find well-known figures like Bomberman and various Pokémon.

Proven game concept

The basic game principles of the series make the developers with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate more or less untouched. Still, locally or online up to eight players in 2,5d arenas opposite each other, each of which has the goal of catapulting the others from the area most often. Instead of bringing the life of the opponents to 0 as in other genre representatives, you will drive a percentage value in height with successful attacks at each adversary. The bigger the number, the further he flies when you blow it out of the arena. If he does not manage it back and for example falls into the depth, you get points. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate does not enter any experiments and that s a good thing.

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