Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announced his last character on 05. October, which you add to the radian. The grand finale did not take a lower than Sora from Kingdom Hearts into the game. The community and mymo author Lena were stirred to tears.

Many hundreds of thousands sat stretched before their screens and pursued the LiveStream of Nintendo to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In recent years, numerous new fighters were added to the radian, which could be acquired as DLC. On 05 October the very last character was announced: Sora.

What is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of the most famous games in the fighting game genre, in which you can compete with characters from a wide variety of rows of rows of play.

Many figures come from the Nintendo universe. But also heroes like Sephiroth of Final Fantasy and Steve from Minecraft are included.

What is Kingdom Hearts for a game? The Kingdom-Hearts series has emerged from the cooperation between Squre Enix and the Walt Disney Company. In the action roleplay, you have different Disney worlds to preserve them from darkness and enemies, so-called heartless and nobody.

Meanwhile, there are 9 parts in the main row and 3 HD Remasters. The whole thing is rounded off by 2 games next to the Main Games.

Who is Sora? Sora is the sympathetic protagonist from Kingdom Hearts, with which you travel the Disney worlds and with his key switch, the weapon calls the opponents short and small.

At his side are the iconic characters of Disney: Donald and Goofy. Mickey Mouse also gets his appearances in which he helps the troupe or gives them new orders.

The reactions of the fans were overwhelming

What does the community say to Sora in Smash? The community was overwhelmed and completely out of the cottage. Many of them grabbed their chairs or surrounding objects and threw them from joy through the room. Others could hardly believe, screamed or broke out in tears.

We want to share some tearful, joyous and absolutely beautiful reactions with you:

SarahKey, which is a Youtuberin and streamer, is a big fan of the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Series. Her reaction was a mixed mash of screaming, pure joy, tears and detection:

The Youtuber Hungrybox cheers: You actually done it! , And then starts afterwards before his dams break up (via YouTube).

And for those who like Mashups – so many reactions played in parallel – there is something else here (via YouTube).

That s why Sora in Smash is such a big thing: Sora is the character that most fans have wished – this confirmed Sakurai in the Smash Livestream. But many have not expected Sora anymore, as they suspected that the makers of Smash and Disney can not agree or do not want to give Disney Sora.

Although SORA and its buddies were developed by Square ENIX, they include Disney. Hoeg Law holds well in his Youtube video, who belongs to whom and what to realize that (via YouTube).

So I experienced the Reveal

So the LiveStream ran for me: I sat with one of my best friends in a discord call as I watched the LiveStream. Since the release of the first DLC of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate I hoped on Sora as a playable character. So you can imagine what hot coals I sat when the LiveStream began.

Who speaks here? MyMo-author Lena is a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts series and has the game to face the first time during her elementary school. With Kingdom Hearts 2, she found her entry into the series and has been completely sacrificed by every part. As far as Smash is concerned, she is more semi-good and simply has fun at the game, since it gave the turn on the Nintendo 64.

It was all or nothing – the last character appears: If that is not Sora, I do not feel the game anymore – so I decided for me. The first light particles sparkled and I took us both to the grain: That s Sora! I called laughing.

But when the key sword appeared, I could hardly trust my eyes. Is the SORA? For real? Or is Sakurai to the arm? After that he flew out of the keyhole – the dams broke. No idea what that was for sounds we both grunted each other s headphones, but it was great!

Even if I look at such reactions like the above today, tears shoot me in the eye of joy.

That s why I m looking forward to Sora: I have invested in Smash for a few hours, but had never found the character for me. Pikachu and Quajutsu are great fighters, but still they were not the highlight for me par excellence.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has no character that could keep me in the game. This could never help me to motivate the game correctly and get better. In Smash, there are of course tricks, tricks and the best moves at the right time. To learn that? No, I do not want to. But that changes now by Sora. Kingdom Hearts is my absolute favorite game and accompanies me forever. I m waiting for every part and every pitch. Sora has a lot of life in the game for me and I am delightedly looking forward to starting my switch and download the DLC. Have you also seen the Reveal and munched or interest you smash? What do you think about Sora as the last fighter? Write it into the comments. A year Genshin Impact – from the packed Zelda clone to I love it!