There are a lot of rare opponents on all continents of World of Warcraft. Although some of them in areas of a previous game expansion, there are still hot coveted specimens who are still looking for enduring players day and night. This also includes the time-letting protrache, which occasionally turns his rounds in the storm portions of northernend. Although it is not used for the rare opponent s success merciless beagle , but he leaves the reins of the time-relentening protodrate as a prey.

However, before you can swing in the air with your brand new time-relentening protodrates, you must first find him and kill him. As with almost any rare opponent, the tracking is the biggest problem and requires patience and luck. The main question is and remains, however: how and where are you most effective?
Animal rare: The time-relenter protodragon shares his area with the blue dragon name Vyragosa. The red line marks the possible trajectories of the rare dragons. Source: rare

Time-relish protrache: rumors, facts and assumptions

As with almost every coveted opponent, never sure can be said when the time-relenter protocol detips exactly. However, meanwhile, quasi is carved in stone that he shares his resrawn time as well as its flight route with the blue dragon name Vyragosa. There is no exact resrawn timer. Rumors, however, say that about five to ten hours of killed Vyragosa (or the time-relenter protodrates themselves), the next dragon may appear. Which of the two dragons appears next, the coincidence decides. It may take days to take days except for several Vyragosa spawns a time-relish protrache from his hiding place.

The altitude of the dragon depends strongly on where he grates. While it is close to the Middle Canyon Height near Bors s breath, you should look upwards on the open field. No matter which of its routes of the protodragon, at the crossroads near Valkyrion, he comes over with almost every round. This site is therefore particularly popular with campers . Source: rare

Tools: macros and add-ons

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With your search you can use two possible tools: macros or add-ons. With the following macro, you take the time-relenter protodrops into the finish and puts him a skull over the skull as soon as it is in your visibility.

/ Target time-relish protrache
/ Script SetraidTarget ( Target , 8)

Who wants to make it more comfortable, uses add-ons such as SilverDragon. Often it also helps if you make yourself with other players who are also on the hunt for the rare protodrate – after all, not every 24 hours a day in the storm species. So you can exchange about Vyragosa or even protocol sightings and gain more data for more effective search. Meanwhile, the time-relenter protrache can also be looted in the group – and surface loose can help with the loot of the dragon sequence, should be landed out of range. We wish you good luck and a good hunt!

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